Sunday, September 1, 2013

Perfect 10

August 31, 2013

Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Top Oh The Morning to Ya! and Whatever else might work to get you out of bed, into your running shoes and hitting the pavement. Those words weren't enough? Don't worry, they wouldn't have been enough for me either!

Paying almost $100 to agree to run in a guaranteed to be painful race that, if I'm not fast enough I won't even GET to finish OR get the bling... or the bragging rights... NOW THAT'S MOTIVATION TO TRAIN!

It's really amazing how quickly my body has managed to recover from the beating I give it each week. I haven't felt so regularly pain filled since I was in High School doing color guard practice 5 days a week with games on Friday nights and sometimes competitions on weekends. We were always stretching, moving, pushing our bodies to the limits, taking chances, building our muscles to propel our talents forward... hitting ourselves with the occasional piece of equipment. I was in pain every second of every day and I LOVED it! It was Good Pain, not Bad Pain. It was the pain that came from knowing my body was getting stronger.

I feel like that again. Except with running, I'm not even close to be one of the greats or striving to be the best. I am striving to be Okay. To finish. To not give up.

After just a few more than a few weeks off the couch, I was able to get up and walk 10 miles. That in itself may or may not seem impressive BUT I did do in in under a 16 minute average pace. I only did one short interval run but decided the walking was much better as I was  already feeling the pain in my hips. In the end, 10 miles was 10 miles no matter how I made it there and of course my 10 year old kiddo did it with me!

What made it extra tough today was that music is such an incredible motivator... or demotivator. I bought a new MP3 player because my ipod kept giving me issues and not doing what I wanted it to and I hate iTunes so I went with another highly recommended brand. Evidently my files were in the wrong format so while it showed them listed on my player, only the same six songs played over and over... plus the crappy 5-6 that come auto loaded on the player. Thankfully my songs were good ones that kept me going:
Katy Perry - Roar
Katy Perry - Firework
Avril Lavigne - Here's to never growing up
Great Big Sea - Donkey Riding
Mylie Cyrus - Party in the USA
Jennifer Lopez - Lets get Loud

I spent at least a combined few minutes trying to figure out what was going on and trying to get it functioning and fast forwarding through the auto loaded songs every time they came up. This is why they say, nothing new on race day!

I am looking for people to pray for while I run. Dedicating each mile for someone with a big prayer request. Something to keep my mind off my pain and onto someone else's. If you know someone or if you have one, leave me a message, I'll blog more about this later.

Here's the post run Recap:

Jenn in Action

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