Saturday, August 24, 2013

Niner Niner

August 24, 2013

Well Thursday's 3 mile was alright... not great so getting up at 5am to run 9 today.... I wasn't excited. I'm a bit amazed at myself, but it's still not fun or relaxing or enjoyable but I am doing it. We are doing it.

Erik in tow, we set out to really try to speed walk the whole thing. Even sticking to the walking the first 3 miles were just awful. I guess I need to expect that to be the case as its how long it take for those muscles to wake up and warm up. I fear it will be worse come the morning of December 1 when it is cooler out. I pushed through the pains and cramping of my legs and feet and by the time mile 4 rolled around I felt pretty good. Not as good as the 7 Miler, but pretty decent. I felt the urge to sing some more.... oh those poor people on the path with me. Let's just say my singing is awful in the best of circumstances.... add running and hot sun and shortness of breath.... my head phones were up enough that I couldn't hear myself. I am thankful for that. Sorry to everyone else. Somewhere around mile 5 we through in our first 30-45 seconds of running to switch up the muscles I was using and we did this just a few more times throughout the rest of the path.

About Mile 7 I started getting side craps and the sun was getting to me. Salt from all the sweat was dripping and burning into my eyes and I couldn't wipe it away because every inch of my body was sweating.

By far the last mile was the worst. My pace slipped, my eyes burned, my side craps came back and it was hot.

Ultimately we finished in a 15.66 pace which I felt pretty happy about. It's days like this that I have no clue how in just a few months I am supposed to do todays path x 3?!?!?

Almost forgot but today a HUGE goal was reached! I finally wore Erik out! He was passed out in the car by 10:00 and he came home, took a shower and a nice long nap... so did I!

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