Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seven is Heaven

August 14, 2013

What were you doing at 6:00 am? I was pulling into the parking lot at Cady Way to conquer my longest training to date. My favorite little guy by my side, we stretched and waited for our friends to join us... it pushed us back a little but we got out there and rocked it!

So a rough break down of the morning:

This was my first run in my new running shoes. They were pretty great! The first few miles were rough, I guess trying to convince my legs that exercise is better than sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress. I do not think I convinced my legs or my mind of that. By mile 4 I started feeling great! Really great! Erik and I were singing (when I really felt I should have been grasping for air). We even took a couple opportunities to have one of our signature Dance Parties. We stayed hydrated and I tried GU for the first time. When we got to the end and turned around and made it back to our car... we still weren't at 7 miles so we stopped for a quick potty break and we kept going past our car in the opposite direction of the Cady Way Trail. When I thought we had gone far enough that we would be at 7 miles when we got to the car.... but it didn't work out right. So we kept walking in circles around the parking lot until we reached 7 miles. I was ready to fall over. Erik wanted to run some more and then go play on the playground equipment.... Kids.

We went home and Erik watched cartoons while I took a nap. Afterwards we headed out to Track Shack and bought Erik his own pair of custom shoes and some other running goodies then after a quick dinner at Boston Market we met some friends for a night dip in the hot tub and swimming pool. So necessary after that mileage on my feet.

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